About Us

   So who is ThePinCartel? Let's see, where do we start? So the main voice and vision behind TPC would have to be me Karl B. From there, I would have to give credit to my Family, Friends, Manufacturer and their team, and definitely last but not least everyone of my fans who have supported me online or in person. There have been many times my friends and family have spent late nights helping package and deliver new orders, Giving solid insight and ideas when needed. Working events for 5 to 10 hours in 90-degree weather or venues with really solid AC, almost too solid. So all in all, I cant take 100 percent of the credit. There has been a lot of hard work and generosity from all sides helping to establish ThePinCartel.

   So what is your mission? Where are you from? Why are you doing this Karl? What is your favorite food? So one of my main goals always would be to build a sense of community, I thrive off of positive human interaction. The older we get the harder it seems to be to establish relations with new individuals since everyone is so busy, and usually we do not have the time to make relations that are not beneficial to us in a productive way. TPC has allowed me to create new and lasting relationships with people as friends and working partners. All I want most in life would be to grow as an individual and also connect and promote growth and wisdom to others. So aside from paying my bills, This whole brand has been a huge therapy in the pursuit to things my mind and soul need most!

   If you have read this far and care to know more about me personally, here are some fun facts. I have three pets. a cat, a dog, and a snake. Chloe is a Siamese Ragdoll cat we fell in love with at the Humane Society. Stella is a Pitbull mix of some sort that started as a foster that my GF and I ended up adopting from the Detroit Animal Control, And lastly Jeffery my Ball Python that my old roommates and I adopted about 4 years ago. Music Genres that I gravitate heavily to would be the late 80s and 90s hip hop, Many genres of electronic music. On any given day my shuffle will be playing Motown era music, then skip to The Doors, you might hear some K.C and the sunshine band, and then on to A Tribe Called Quest, and then out of nowhere some random Drum and Bass and or Tech House. It can be a little hectic for others around, but I enjoy every bit of most genres. I am very open about my addiction to Asian food of all cultures. I love comedy in all forms. Some of my best memories are the interactions I have shared with strangers at different times all around the world, most never to meet again. I think we have a lot to learn about ourselves and who we need to be through others! I have been residing in Detroit, MI for the last 5 years. If you are ever in the area feel free to reach out via Instagram or email: thepincartel@gmail.com I would be happy to give any insight or tips on the city and if I am free, I'm always down meet up! Thanks for the read.
- Karl Baker